About Us

St. Clare School is a PreK - 8 Catholic elementary school located in Staten Island, NY.

The mission of Saint Clare School is to provide every student with an exceptional academic and spiritual foundation, with Jesus as the focus of all we do, within a safe and nurturing family environment.”

The philosophy of our school is based on the following belief statements:

1. Moral and spiritual values form the foundation upon which society will flourish.
2. Active engaged citizens are created when independent learning is fostered.
3. The success of our school is dependent upon shared leadership.
4. Differentiation of instruction is needed to ensure that all types of learners succeed.
5. Technology integration is essential if we are to provide our students with skills necessary for success in this rapidly changing world.
6. Innovations in education must be embraced and implemented in the classroom.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our school.