St. Clare Strong: Disney Week

posted Jun 5, 2020, 3:48 PM by StClare Family Association
Hi St. Clare Families!

Disney week was so much fun!! We would like to thank  all of the teachers who made this week even more fun for the students by incorporating the theme into their projects, daily lessons, zooms,  and check ins!    What a fun week to help us to come together and think of more fun times ahead of us!  Thank you all for your submissions we truly love seeing each and every photo!  

Video ‎(3)‎.mov

This coming week we will be doing a tribute to our eight grade graduates.  We are so proud of them and excited for what they have ahead!  Every grade is invited to participate by sending a photo or short video clip (videos no more an 3 seconds, 1 video or photo per family please) to us.  Photos can include signs with your congratulation, messages, and well wishes for the eight graders.  

Reminders for this week:

Report cards - electronically released on Wednesday, June 17th. Students will still have to check in for attendance purposes (since we have to make up the days we were off Holy Week in April) until June 22nd. 

Kindergarten and Preschool Stepping Up Drive-by Car Parade-  Plans to be finalized this week

8th Grade-  Drive-by Car Parade on Nelson Avenue, Wednesday June 3rd and 8th Grade Virtual Graduation is scheduled for their day of Graduation, June 12th, at 2pm. The time will be confirmed shortly as soon as the videographer finalizes details. 

Return of textbooks- Please drop off any textbooks that you have at home to the main school office. Please call before dropping off the books, as we will have limited office hours beginning Monday. These textbooks are needed so we can plan adequately and have enough textbooks on hand for September. 

School Tribute video-  Check out the video on facebook! Thank you to Wayne from Emerald Studios and the Reilly Family!

Family Association- Father Richard Tribute sign sales continue, Disney theme week June 1, 8th grade graduation tribute June 8.   photo submissions and any suggestions or ideas to

Ladies Night-  Moved to September 24, 2020 for more information email Heather @ and check out our facebook event page for more info and virtual raffles as we get closer