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 Teacher     Link to Class Site Email
Mrs. Lauren Bahns     Class PreK
 Ms. Erica Vitale Class PreK 3-3F
 Mrs. Lauren Bahns          Class PreK 3-5F
 Mrs. Lisa Spensieri Class PreK 4-3F
 Mrs. Kristina D'Ambrosio Class PreK 4-5F
Mrs. Nicole Plaza Class PreK
Ms. Michelle Jackowitz Class
 Mrs. Tracy Wilkens
 Mrs. Dana Rodriguez Class 1-1
 Mrs. Kristin Goldstein Class 1-2
 Ms. Angela Revello Class 2-1
 Ms. Caitlin Meagher Class
 Ms. Sarah Farrell Class 3-1
 Mrs. Carolyn Twohig Class 3-2
 Mrs. Kerry Minucci Class 4-1
Ms. Victoria Milata Class

Teacher Link to Class Site Email
 Mrs. Laura Treacy Class
 Mrs. Jane Olving Class 5-2
Mrs. Patricia Molloy Class 6-1
 Mrs. Jennifer Bogart Class 6-2
 Mrs. Andrea Continanzi Class 7-1
 Mrs. Meghan Vautrinot Class 7-2
 Mrs. Maureen Miller Class 8-1
 Mrs. Judy Kneeshaw Class 8-2
 Mrs. Mary Lee Science Grades 7/8
 Mr. Salvatore Martorano Technology Grades 5 - 8
 Mrs. Amanda Barricella Music PreK - 6
Mrs. Anella Dos Santos Italian PreK - 5 

Please see Seesaw/Google Classroom for posts from the following special subject teachers:

 TeacherSubject  Email
 Mrs. Amanda Barricella Music PreK - Gr 
Mrs. Gina Bocchino Art PreK - Gr 4 
Mrs. Lori Daly Gym 
Mr. Patrick DeForte 
Mr. Salvatore Martorano Technology 

 Mrs. Theresa Signorile, Principal
 Mrs. Denise Olsen, Asst. Principal
 Mrs. Michele Twomey, Asst. Principal
 Mrs. JoAnn Vella, Secretary (PreK)
 Mrs. Angela Contino, Secretary (K - 8 )